Side Plate Ø 21 cm Impressions 4 Hydrangea - Blue

Side Plate Ø 21 cm Impressions 4 Hydrangea - Blue

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Colors influence our mood, stimulate our senses and affect feelings and emotions. With rich ground colors such as chili, azure, curry, and mint, the UNO collection allows for colorful place setting concepts, while the Accents collection offers perfect dinnerware for a one-of-a-kind look. Plain or flamboyant, modern or classic? With four collections to mix and match porcelain plates and cups, Accent offers quick and easy ways to create your own themed table settings. For added visual appeal, simply replace individual porcelain pieces and rearrange the tableware in any way you like. Follow the motto of Mix & Match for sensational table setting ideas.

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Height (mm) 25
Diameter (mm) 206
Weight (g) 380

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