Product Care


Dishwasher and Microwave suitable

All porcelain and ceramic products displayed in the Könitz Porzellan Shop (also the Chalk Talk Mugs) are dishwasher and microwave suitable, with the exception of gold, silver or platinum applications. We recommend handwashing these products with a soft sponge or cloth, in order to enjoy the exclusivity of these products for a long time. The tips on caring for these items are mentioned in the product description. Our Glass collection is neither dishwasher nor microwave suitable. Please rinse these products only by hand and dry them with a dry cloth, in order to obtain a perfect shine.



Tips for tea discolouration and rings

Porcelain and bone china take on slight discolourations from coffein and the tea contents Teain. A cup with discoloured inner walls points to a passionate tea connoisseur. In certain regions of the world it is well looked upon, when the tea vessel contains a slight discolouration, thus proving that the sensitive tea aroma is sustained. Nevertheless, we still would like to give you tips on how to eliminate this natural discolouration with simple household products. We recommend rinsing your mug or cup out immediately after use with hot water to prevent the staining from occuring in general. Existing stains can be cleaned with baking powder or salt. Pour a packet of baking soda or salt along with hot water into the vessel and let this sit over night. The next day you can easily remove the discolouration with a sponge or cloth. Smaller discolourations or rings can often be removed with the help of citric acid.



Silicon lid Instructions of Use

Never have your coffee cup spill again with the Könitz Silicon Lid! Perfectly molded to our traveler's mugs it is every Coffee Lovers Dream. Please avoid contact with other foods, dirt etc. as this can diminish the look of the lid. If your silicon lid should become dirty we recommend hand washing in soapy water. Our lids are suitable for dishwasher as well.



If you have any further questions, kindly contact our staff, we will be happy to be of assistance.